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Breast Tumour Causing Gene Discovered

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A critical gene in breast tumours was uncovered by the collaborative efforts of scientists from Duke-NUS, National Cancer Centre and SGH. The multi-disciplinary team led by Professors Teh Bin Tean, Patrick Tan, Tan Puay Hoon and Steve Rozen identified the mutation of a gene – MED12, in nearly 60% of fibroadenomas.

“Measuring the MED12 gene in breast lumps may help clinicians to distinguish fibroadenomas from other types of breast cancer,” said Prof. Tan Puay Hoon. Findings from the study not only provided a deeper insight into the development of tumours, it also allowed for more effective treatments to be administered. The team intends to explore the role of MED12 in other categories of breast tumours in future studies.

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