Duke-NUS commits every gift to the most promising research and education programs to find cures, transform medicine and improve patients’ lives.


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The SingHealth and Duke-NUS Academic Medicine partnership builds on the collective clinical strengths of the SingHealth Group with Duke-NUS’ research and medical education capabilities.

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The St. Baldrick’s Program is a volunteer-driven charity committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long, healthy lives.The St.


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Duke-NUS commercialises discovery to encourage healthy brain development for babies and children

09 May 2017

A discovery made at Duke-NUS Medical School (Duke-NUS) has been licensed to a newly launched Singapore-based company, Babynostics Pte Ltd.

Keeping the elderly SAFE

16 Mar 2017

Study shows tailored physical therapy programme reduces bad falls in the elderly

New Treatment For Dengue

27 Mar 2014

Professor Subhash Vasudevan, Associate Professor Ooi Eng Eong from the Emerging Infectious Diseases Program and collaborators from Singapore General Hospital (SGH) have completed a clinical trial testing the efficacy of Celgosivir as an anti-dengue drug.

Cancer Resistance in Asians: A Genetic Cause Found

27 Mar 2014

A multi-national team led by Duke-NUS Associate P rofessor Ong Sin Tiong successfully identified a gene mutation occurring in about 15% of East Asian populations as the underlying cause to why some blood and lung cancer patients failed to benefit from existing cancer medication.

Breast Tumour Causing Gene Discovered

30 Jun 2015

A critical gene in breast tumours was uncovered by the collaborative efforts of scientists from Duke-NUS, National Cancer Centre and SGH.

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Duke-NUS commits every gift to the most promising research and education programs to find cures, transform medicine and improve patients' lives.

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