Staff Testimonials

Ms B Lavanya


Dean’s Office
Centre of Regulatory Excellence

When I started my career with Duke-NUS, I received an incredible amount of support from my fellow colleagues who constantly encouraged and mentored me. It is a great place to work at with various opportunities for personal and professional growth and an environment for continuous learning. I feel valued as a staff member knowing that I can reach my goals collectively with the support of my bosses. Doing your best is not just appreciated, it's encouraged, recognised and celebrated in many ways. I’m extremely glad to be part of the Duke-NUS family which believes in investing in their employees’ success.

Ms Cynthia Chew


Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Senior Executive
Centre for Technology & Development

I am glad to be given the opportunity to join the Centre for Technology and Development (CTeD) in Duke-NUS. The CTeD team is made up of a group of supportive and open-minded people who are passionate in developing technologies arising from Duke-NUS research. As I support the CTeD team in various administrative functions, I get to meet and learn from many kind and professional colleagues from around Duke-NUS. My time here has been so fulfilling and I wish Duke-NUS many successful years ahead.

Ms Mary Ng


Office of Education
Management Assistant Officer 
Student Affairs & Alumni Relations Department

I enjoy working at Duke-NUS because it provides me with an environment that motivates and encourages me to give my best. I have had many years of working with students prior to coming here, and I must say the opportunity to communicate and engage with our students have been very enriching. The students here are more mature and regard you as their friend rather than just an administrative staff.  I am also appreciative of the support and trust given to me by my colleagues and bosses to design and implement initiatives that I believe will cater to the students’ needs. Such flexibility and empowerment has provided me with many opportunities to contribute and learn further in my job scope. I am also thankful for the camaraderie spirit of our colleagues from other departments. We are like a family and will support one another in our respective functions to make our work life here fulfilling.

Dr Ching Jian Hong & Ms Ho Jia Pei


Office of Research
Assistant Professor & Research Assistant
Programme in Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disorders

Jianhong: I joined Duke-NUS right after my PhD as a research fellow. I was really pleasantly surprised by the organisational culture. The hierarchy was rather flat, and ideas were shared freely. Given that I was a fresh post-doc, I was thrilled with the high level of trust and autonomy I was given. Because of the great support from my superiors and management, I was able to grow the metabolomics core facility within a short period of time to become one of Singapore’s most important metabolomics lab. Jiapei: I was initially hesitant about working with my spouse, Jianhong, in the same organisation. I decided to give it a shot and I’m so thankful that did! I enjoy the research environment and working alongside Jianhong means we can help each other. We also had more opportunities to catch up with each other during the lunch breaks - this is important to us because we do not have much time to communicate at home as we have to take care of our kid.