Staff Testimonials



Office of Research
Assistant Professor
Programme in Cancer & Stem Cell Biology

Duke-NUS Medical School has been my scientific nest for the past 8 years and I have enjoyed every bit of this amazing journey.

The school’s leadership has great mentors, like Prof Patrick Casey, who has given me both guidance and opportunities to develop as an independent scientist.  Our proximity to SingHealth, the largest healthcare group in Singapore, makes Duke-NUS a great place to do translational research that could potentially have a great impact on improving patients’ lives. The people here are friendly and cheerful and the Staff Recreation Committee organises events that allows us to make friends from other departments. My favourite event is the Annual Bowling Extravaganza!  Duke-NUS is a vibrant, multicultural and fantastic place to develop one’s career.



Office of Education
Assistant Manager
Quality Assurance and Accreditation Department

Duke-NUS Medical School has a unique environment. In addition to having a diverse workforce, our culture is one of mutual respect and understanding for one another. This is one of the reasons why I’m thankful to be part of Duke-NUS. I greatly appreciate the respect and trust from my team to take on new challenges and opportunities that has helped developed my career over the years. The past nine years of my time at Duke-NUS have been filled with challenges and achievements, and I am grateful to have experienced them with the amazing people whom I work with – students, colleagues and faculty staff from Duke-NUS and Duke University.
(Photo: June - extreme right, enjoys the team spirit in the workplace)



Office of Corporate Services

More importantly, I have always been impressed by the positive attitude of my colleagues, in Duke-NUS, which contributes to a healthy workplace environment. It’s encouraging knowing that the bosses are always willing to share their knowledge and will not hesitate to help out when we are in need.

Duke-NUS also takes good care of the welfare of their staff as seen from the ongoing efforts by the Staff Recreation Committee. They frequently organize a suite of activities and events to cater to the diverse group of staff members. It is both a privilege and honour to be part of this vibrant community and I thoroughly enjoy my work here 
Shanti R family photo


Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Centre for Technology & Development

I have been working at Duke-NUS for almost 11 years. That's a long time, but I can tell you that my journey at Duke-NUS Medical School has surely not been monotonous! I have had to face challenging new tasks regularly, but I have managed to complete them efficiently and effectively. I owe this to the various bosses I worked with. They believed in me and gave me an opportunity to grow as a person and as an employee of the school. The organisation has also allowed me to balance my work and my family successfully. I’m truly blessed to be continuing my career at this exceptional organization which I consider to be my second home. Not only that, the multicultural environment of the school provided me opportunities to interact with colleagues from different parts of the world. (Photo: Shanti with her family)



Dean's Office
Planning & Administration Department

My role in the Dean’s Office requires me to work with people from different departments and I have been doing this since 2016. I have to say, it has been a very interesting experience! The best thing is that my colleagues are friendly, helpful and welcoming – for instance my co-worker Dolliss is supportive and always there when I need help. She’s a walking dictionary and never hesitates to share her knowledge. Jenne, my superior, is also the most understanding person that I could asked to work for. 

My work requires me to juggle, switch and prioritize my work tasks constantly, so having a cohesive working environment with my co-workers is essential for the smooth running of Dean’s Office. I am grateful for our great teamwork because it makes my work experience in Duke-NUS rewarding, enriching and fun.