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Health Services and Systems Research (HSSR) Singapore Health Systems ModelingAdopting a systems perspective is a core value of HSSR, Duke-NUS. We believe that a holistic overview of the healthcare system in Singapore is crucial to understanding how the system operates and how to engineer cost-effective, practical solutions. The study of a health system encompasses issues related to finances, workforce capacity, technology, information systems, facilities and logistics, as well as behavioral characteristics of providers, patients and their families. The health care system is large and complex, comprising interconnected parts that work on their own internal logic. When combined, those actions and processes work in non-linear and overlapping trajectories. A careful analysis of how these functions relate to each other forms the bedrock of our approach to health services research. 


A core activity underway at Duke-NUS HSSR is the development of a System Dynamics model of health and healthcare for Singapore, incorporating the impact on multiple sectors related to general prosperity. This model will contribute to understanding how the health care system evolved to meet current needs and how policies can be designed to improve future outcomes in the health status of the population.


In addition to introducing System Dynamics to the healthcare field in Singapore, we also encourage the use of other forms of modeling. We are involved with various research projects employing agent-based models, discrete event simulation models, and decision models. Content areas include stroke, advanced chronic kidney disease, emergency medical services, acute care hospital operations, and infectious diseases such as influenza, dengue, and STDs.