01 Marcus Ong
Welcome to the Programme in Health Service & Systems Research (HSSR).

Established in 2008, HSSR is one of the five founding signature research programmes in the Duke-NUS Medical School. It leads world-class health services research, education, and training for healthcare professionals, scientists, policy-makers, and students. 

Our research focuses on the organization and delivery of health and social services in the context of an ageing population. It is undertaken to investigate whether services are effective, appropriate, scalable and economically sustainable. We work closely with multiple stakeholders including government, regional health systems, and social service organizations to facilitate and advance a holistic research agenda. In Singapore, we collaborate closely with Singapore Health Services, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Home Affairs, A*STAR, and etc. Globally, we have undertaken research projects in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and etc.     

Besides cutting-edge research, HSSR faculty are highly engaged in education. HSSR offers PhD-IBM-HSSR Programme to groom graduate students to health services research professionals. Recently we developed a Graduate Certificate Programme in Health Services Innovation and will offer four graduate modules to healthcare professionals from October 2020 onwards. With this programme we seek to engage a new generation of disruptive innovators who will improve the performance of health services.  

If you are interested in our research, education and training, please feel free to contact us.


Professor Marcus Ong
HSSR Programme Director