Insectary Facility

1.      The BSL2 insectary permits to conduct infectious oral feeding of mosquitoes. We have optimized protocols for dengue, Zika and chikungunya viruses and possess several colonies of Aedes aegypti, Ae. albopictus and Ae. malayensis. Following infection, we can process the samples to quantify the virus load using RT-qPCR. Alternatively, users can use infected mosquitoes for other types of analysis. Contact Dr. Julien Francis Pompon  for additional information.

Insectary facility pricelist


Full Service:The insectary team provides mosquitoes, reagents, consumables and trained manpower for your experiments. The insectary team will discuss with you your requirements and charge you based on the rates below.

Insectary facility service request form



If you have an extended project in the insectary, the insectary team can train your research staff to conduct experiments; mosquitoes, reagents and consumables will be provided by the insectary staff to conduct oral infection. Estimated charges per oral infection experiment are given below. Insectary facility training request form


 Contact information: Assist. Prof. Julien Pompon;