Sherna D Wadia
Senior Manager
Centre of Regulatory Excellence (CoRE)

The Insider welcomes Sherna from CoRE who was recently conferred the Values Ambassador Awards 2016. With a background in design, business development and branding, Sherna joined the team over 2 years ago. Here, she shares with us what motivates her and how she manages work and family. 

Tell us more about CoRE and your role in the team.

CoRE was set up to be a leading centre enhancing regulatory capability and scientific excellence for health related products in Asia-Pacific, with a focus on Southeast Asia.

My role within this neutral academic platform is to create and communicate a strong value proposition for the CoRE brand amongst regulatory authorities, pharmaceutical and medical device industry professionals, healthcare providers and other stakeholders. We do so by engaging our many stakeholders through an integrated marketing communication platform, as reflected in our collaterals, reports and our social media outreach. 

CoRE strives to achieve regulatory excellence by building competencies through education, promoting regulatory leadership and advancing policy innovation. My team is responsible for managing the educational programmes, roundtables and events. Some of these initiatives are executed in collaboration with organizations like the World Health Organization, United States Pharmacopeia, Asian Development Bank, and ASEAN national regulatory agencies. 

Sherna with the CoRE team. 

I am sure there are challenges at work, how do you confront the odds and what keeps you motivated to continue what you are doing?

To me, challenges at work are to be embraced as they make for excellent learning opportunities. We need to grasp the lesson, see the positive and make the best of the situation. 

Two main factors contribute to the enthusiasm and motivation within CoRE. As CoRE is a relatively new intiative, there is substantial liberty and flexibility in its branding and marketing, wherein through creative ideas, and being rather avant-garde, we are able to achieve desired outcome. 

In addition, within this position, there are several opportunities to meet with thought leaders and key influencers within the healthcare sector. Each interaction deepens my understanding of how CoRE impacts the regulatory space, which is without a doubt tremendously motivational. 

As a working mother, it must be quite demanding to balance work and family. How do you do that?

Being a working mother is a laudable triumph of great difficulty. Having said that, I do enjoy managing both my career and family. I attribute staying connected and maintaining open communication as the keys to balancing the scale. 

Naturally, having a supportive husband and a great team at CoRE, forms a coherent strategy to keep things balanced. 

A picture of bliss. 

How do you feel about being one of the five Values Ambassador Awards winner for this year? 

I was both delighted and grateful for the recognition bestowed by my colleagues and the school. This conferment absolutely provides me with greater impetus to reflect on my past achievements and stay focused on my future endeavours. 

Last but not least, what would you like to say to your colleagues?

One of the highlights of working at Duke-NUS are the colleagues that I have met and interacted with. While I would like to thank them for their nomination, I like to share my appreciation for our working together in the truest sense of team spirit - this is worth celebrating the most!