By: Reza Shah
Associate Director, Planning & Organizational Development Department

I would find it mind-blowingly challenging if my daily work responsibility is to ensure that colleagues comply strictly with financial guidelines and processes – I am pretty sure that I will rub many shoulders the wrong way! 

Despite this inherent challenge, our colleagues in the Finance Department have somehow managed to turn this into an opportunity to deliver distinctively excellent service. When asked, Pauline Sim, Finance Director shared, “Financial policies and procedures have to be adhered as our School has to uphold accountability. However, in our role as finance professionals, we endeavor to make the human interface more pleasant for each of our colleague by explaining the applicable policies and facilitating the processes”.

With this collective mindset firmly entrenched and exemplified through their actions, it is of no surprise that 6 Finance Department’s staff have been nominated for this year’s Values Ambassador Awards – the highest number of nominations received by any department! What is also noteworthy is that all 6 nominees received multiple nominations and that they were nominated by colleagues from other offices and departments. In view of this sterling achievement, I am happy to announce that Finance Department has won the “Best Team Award” for this year’s Values Ambassador Awards. Congratulations! 

Congratulations to Finance Department for winning the 'Best Team Award' 

The “Best Team Award” pays tribute to the collective energy and team spirit of a dynamic team that not only has members who are able to internalize the school’s values but who are also able to demonstrate them. Tse Ming Choo, a Senior Manager in the department, was delighted when she heard the news and said she feels blessed to be surrounded by colleagues in the department who are hardworking, self-motivated, cohesive and personable. 

The 6 nominees from the Finance Department:
1) Chung Sook Kuan, Senior Executive
2) Eunice Chan, Senior Executive
3) Josephine Lim, Assistant Manager
4) Ong Hui Ping, Executive
5) Pauline Sim, Director
6) Tan Hong Zhi, Executive

About the Values Ambassador Awards 

Now in its second year, the Values Ambassador Awards (VAA) recognizes and affirms positive staff work attitudes that exemplify the School’s five core values and promote a dynamic work culture. 5 individuals will eventually be selected as the School’s ambassadors after all nominations are subjected to careful, rigorous evaluation. A winning department team is also identified based on the highest number of nominations received. The Research Operations Department took the honors of the “Best Team Award” last year.

We will recognize all 62 nominees for this year’s VAA and announce the 5 winners at the Staff Town Hall on 12 September 2014 at 4pm. So come and find out who our 2014 VAA winners are!