Ong Kai Ling
Management Assistant Officer
Board Secretariat, Corporate Administration & Risk Management Department

Armed with her signature smile, Kai Ling talks to The Insider  about her work and personal life. 

The beauty of Risk Management and Board Secretariat

Brace yourself for a long story. 

The main function of Risk Management Department (RMD) includes the implementation of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) to support Duke-NUS strategic objectives. In other words, RMD assists the School's offices and departments in identifying, assessing, mitigating, monitoring and reporting of probable risk through a well-developed and systematic approach. In addition, the Risk Management Steering Committee (RMSC), chaired by Dean, oversees the School's overall ERM processes. Duke-NUS's Business Continuity Management or BCM is also under our jurisdiction. It is critical for the School to have a sound BCM protocol to ensure critical business functions and key services remain operational at minimal accepted standard even after a disruption. 

The core responsibilities of Board Secretariat (BSC) comprises supporting the Duke-NUS Governing Board and its subcommittees, as well as overseeing corporate governance and compliance of the School. 

Here comes the personal part - my first thought of the department was rather comical. I had the vision that we could form a superhero squad (laugh) which led me to think about my responsibilities within this "superhero" team. And there is not a single day that we are not "fighting" in the diverse roles that RMD and BSec are involved in (Think the positive side).  Everyday is a new adventure for us! 

Life is never boring. 

Synergising with colleagues from across departments

"My previous life before Duke-NUS"

I was working in the banking industry prior to joining Duke-NUS. Although it was not the most exciting job, I had the most unusual experience of using a typewriter to "write" on a cashier's order. It certainly left a deep impression on me for that matter. Can you imagine the sheer fascination of changing the ribbon tape of the typewriter when we are all so comfortable with computers in this era? 

"If I could switch my job with someone within the School..."

Say no more! 

Assuming that the switch is temporary and I can still get my original job back, I would want to switch with someone from our finance department. Having majored in Banking & Finance, it would be intriguing for me to be exposed to the finance operations of the School as my finance experience has been limited to the Banking & Finance sector. 

The Unclassfied Truth

I may not be a sporty person but i absolutely LOVE catching football matches - especially the Barclays Premier League. My favourite teams include Arsenal and Chelsea. I would stay up till 4am on weekends to catch the live matches. I even bought tickets to see Chelsea team when they come to Singapore in July! 

A picture speaks a thousand words. My favourite character is none other than Hello Kitty! And I am the proud owner of a full collection of McDonald Hello Kitty collectibles. My wedding in June will also feature a Hello Kitty themed celebration. 

The 100% Hello Kitty fan

Last but not least...

To the superwomen in my team; I am truly grateful and privileged to be part of this superpower squad. Thank you to all three of you for the guidance and teachings! And finally to the rest of my colleagues in Duke-NUS, see you all soon!