Jamie Low
Executive, Student Recruitment, Admissions & Financial Aid 
Office of Education
Years in Duke-NUS: 1 year+

The Insider: Since Jamie is the editor for the Admissions Blog ‘Upbeat’, she gets to contribute for once and here’s what you need to know about her.

1) Is this your first job in a school setting?

Yes it is. That said, my job scope at Duke-NUS is similar to my previous job at A*STAR, where my primary role was to promote scholarships. Here, I promote the MD and PhD programmes to a similar audience. 

2) A typical work day at Duke-NUS…

Every day for me is different. January to March is the season for career fairs, so my days are mostly spent out and about, talking to students at career fairs and hosting visitors at our mini open houses. Back in February, Chris Lee, who heads our outreach team, and I also went to SJI International to conduct a ‘medical workshop’ for students. We demonstrated the process of ‘scrubbing in’ that surgeons go through before working in the operating theatre. It was gratifying to see the students enjoying and laughing with their friends as they donned the surgical gowns. It makes all the preparation work worthwhile when the audience gains knowledge. 

Apart from events, I enjoy working on marketing collaterals and video productions. The process of scheduling and doing photoshoots, copy development, and getting everything in place can be long drawn, but fulfilling when you see the final product. My work day also includes updating and improving the Admissions pages on our website, and sharing admissions and student-centric posts on various Duke-NUS social media channels.

3) My awesome team…

I truly feel I have the best colleagues around. There’s always fun and laughter, especially during our occasional hang out sessions after work. We have adopted one of the discussion rooms as our unofficial pantry, which is a cosy place to chat (after office hours of course :)). One of our more memorable moments was the time our team did a short 'dance' routine in animal suits for the Staff bowling event! Remember this?

The Longkang Safaris + Suan Yew (admissions team members Sheryl, Chris, Ranjini, Jamie & Suan Yew)

4) As the editor for the Admissions blog ‘Upbeat’…

I am constantly looking for contributions and sometimes that can be challenging as our student population is relatively small and their schedules are hectic. Writing articles takes more time than you’d expect (I know that first hand now) but thankfully, our students are extremely helpful and mostly willing to take time out to contribute. I have a rough plan for the year that I build up as I go along, I cover topics I think potential applicants would be interested in and avoid repetition where possible. Admissions-related topics like MCAT tips and first-hand advice from our students are always popular, as are topics related to student life. If anyone out there has an interesting topic to suggest, or is eager to contribute, please drop me an email as I am always on the lookout for new ideas! And I’m sure this editor agrees…

5) Loving Legos…

I started developing an interest for Legos about 2 years ago when they launched a series of minifigures of Simpsons characters, a TV series I enjoy. I began collecting them, and have been a huge ‘Adult Fan of Lego’ ever since. Lego is so much more than a toy. If you’ve ever built a Lego set, you’d realize the genius of their designs. They don’t just create scenes accurately, they’re also creative with repurposing existing bricks, and putting them together in a way that gives stability to the final product. Here are some of my favourite sets.

Scooby Doo sets (Mystery Mansion & Mystery Van)

My Lego collection of ‘The Simpsons’

6) In my free time…

I enjoy going for walks, cycling in parks, and hiking scenic routes. My favourite spots In Singapore include the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, East Coast Park, and the North Eastern Riverine Loop in Punggol. Abroad, one of the most breathtaking hikes I did was the Angel's Landing trail in Zion National Park, Utah. The whole trip took around 4 hours, and the view from the top (5,790 ft or 1,760 m elevation) was amazing! Part of the fun was the fact that the trail is extremely narrow at the top, with steep cliff drop-offs on the side. Such hikes are enjoyable and a nice break from the hustle and bustle of city life. You get to keep fit and clear your mind because you're completely focused on getting to the top and not tripping over a rock or falling off a cliff.

Back in 2015, spending the 4th of July hiking to Angel’s Landing.

7) I wouldn’t trade places for the world because…

I can’t confidently say ‘I wouldn’t trade places for the world’, but life has dealt me some good cards and I’m very contented at present. I count myself lucky to have great colleagues, friends, and family and that’s all I really need!

Admissions Team cooks up a storm at Cookyn Inc!