By: Ms Stephanie Jade Arlindita,
Assistant Manager, SingHealth Group Communications

How many of you are familiar with Tomorrow’s Medicine, the SingHealth Duke-NUS publication on Academic Medicine matters?

If you’re wondering who is behind it, I am (part of the team). I am constantly looking out for stories to write and publish, conducting interviews, managing the production and doing a bit of writing myself; on top of other departmental projects. I especially love stories of our healthcare staff – they are an inspiration both for work and life in general. You may find me familiar as my work often takes me to the Duke-NUS campus.

2015 marks my fifth year with SingHealth and there are always new things to discover and stories to tell! When I first joined, my office was at the former School of Nursing building, which is now being transformed into the Outram Community Hospital. My colleagues and I, like most other administrative staff, are now based at SingHealth Connection at Bukit Merah Central. It seems like everybody is constantly on the move here.  Duke-NUS moved from 2 Jalan Bukit Merah to 8 College Road, the National Heart Centre Singapore moved to their new building and quite a few departments have moved to the Academia building. Being at SingHealth Connection is a little different from being on the SGH Campus. We are a bit further from the action and the buzz is certainly different. This means all our interactions with our healthcare staff, students and residents have to be deliberately planned. While we are closer to all the other administrative departments, it also means that I need to leave the office 20 minutes before any meeting on Campus.

Duke-NUS was introduced to my consciousness right from my first day at work, and my department has been working closely with the Duke-NUS communications team for as long as I can remember - particularly with Adeline Sim and Suria Sio. We would literally ‘trade’ and share potential stories ideas for our respective newsletters.  Even now, the Tomorrow’s Medicine editorial team and advisory panel include Wee Lai Ming from Communications and Bob Kamei – Duke-NUS’ Education Vice Dean.

My most memorable memory about Duke-NUS has to be the annual Dean’s pancake breakfast fundraiser. I have been involved in the project for the past few years and it is always great fun! We get senior clinicians, allied health professionals, nurses and administrators from SingHealth institutions flipping pancakes together with the Duke-NUS deans. I remember doctors creating anatomy diagrams using pancake batter, nurses ‘tabao-ing’ 50 orders at a time, a Director bringing her own toppings to make hers extra special and of course, the most accurate measure of fun in this time of technology – the hundreds of smiley group photos and selfies taken. And all for a good cause: Duke-NUS student community projects

Dean's Pancake Breakfast 2013 and 2014  
Trace how the event has evolve over the years - 2009, 20102011 & 2012

As Duke-NUS marks its tenth year, I noticed how fast the Duke-NUS family has expanded. There’s even a brand new annex to the building! The relationship with SingHealth has also grown closer, with many research collaborations, joint institutes such as The Academic Medicine Research Institute (AMRI),  Academic Medicine Education Institute (AM•EI) and Academic Clinical Programmes (ACPs).

In my spare time, I also enjoy drawing, sewing and making presents for my friends. I keep a sketchbook, draw on postcards and send them to my friends in Singapore and overseas, make embroidered illustrations and draw on tote bags. I have even sewn a couple of vintage-style skirts that I wear regularly! Do check out more of my work on Instagram: @jadearlindita 

An embroidered illustration of my dad I made for his birthday.

One of my unique quirks is my love-hate relationship with corporate jargons. Being in communications, I encounter them daily. They are truly necessary but tend to get abused sometimes, so I have started illustrating them out. Walt (pictured below) is my latest creation – which represents my wish for the SingHealth Duke-NUS partnership: to grow closer, be more integrated as one family, share freely and openly with each other for a win-win result: a better future for Medicine!

(L) Walt is one mascot in my series of illustrated “corporate animals”.

(Middle): A quick sketch in my sketchbook.

(R): One of the postcards I drew and sent to my friends