Getting to know Andy

Official designation:  Technical Officer (Office of Education, MERE Department)
Family status: Married         
Industry Experience: 8 years

The Insider (TI): Why Information Technology?
Andy Toh (AT): Most of my friends who are hearing impaired like me chose to specialize in the field of Information Technology (IT), where our disability does not hinder our learning and progress.  I am glad I studied IT as it enables me to do what other IT technicians normally accomplish - such as fixing and troubleshooting computer hardware and software. Along the way, I also became interested in computer gaming.

TI: If you were to give an analogy for what you do ….
AT: Information technology is like the ocean.
Many interesting creatures evolve over time, eat each other, fill the ocean with waste matter, and die.  All the organic materials fall to the sea floor, become sediment, and eventually the bedrock of the future.  Over time, the industry becomes increasingly dependent on the bedrock, but everyone forgot where it came from.

TI: Things that put a smile on my face are…
AT: Whenever I help my colleagues to solve their IT-related problems.

TI: A typical day would be …
AT: Clearing emails, discussing work plans with the team and executing the plans. After work, I will unwind by either playing poker at my friends’ homes or online. I also enjoy bowling with my friends on a weekly basis.

TI: I wouldn’t trade places for the world because…
AT: I am very fortunate to be where I am despite my disability. Although the work can be quite challenging at times, I am comforted by the fact that I work in a very friendly and supportive environment.

TI: Any tips you’d like to share with us…
AT: Life is short, play hard! I also believe that doing something, no matter how small, is better than doing nothing at all.


The Insider: Andy is a skilled bowler and an expert poker player. He frequently participates in tournaments and his achievements have always been spectacular. His winning strategy: stay focused, have confidence and be a team player.