Getting to know Ashley
Official title: Analyst, Risk Management
Industry Experience: 5 years

The Insider (TI): You majored in biomedical science, what drew you to a risk management career?

Ashley Tan (AT):I was exploring different types of careers when I first graduated. Then, I was offered an opportunity in Risk Management in the private healthcare sector. I have been in Risk Management ever since, and it still proves to be an eventful career after so many years. 

My job includes setting in place a systematic approach to identifying, assessing, mitigating and ongoing monitoring of risk - the uncertainty that occurs in every walk of life, every industry and every enterprise. Being a part of the risk management team, especially in Duke-NUS, has allowed me to grow, both personally and professionally. 

TI: If you were to give an analogy of what you do… 

ATRisk Management is just like playing basketball - Everyone in the School is a team, we have to play both offense (risk taking) and defense (risk mitigation), shifting continuously between the two. The best sports team conquers their rivals, and this can only be achieved if great players in both offensive and defensive positions work together seamlessly.

TI: The 3 adjectives that best describe you are…

TI: We heard that you loved traveling.  Tell us about your favorite holiday destination.

AT:  I loved all the places which I have travelled to so far. It does not really matter where my destination is; I just enjoy the idea of taking a break and making that great trip with my loved ones. 

TI: One of our School’s values is ‘Innovation and Creativity’. What does this value mean to you?

AT: It is the exploration and testing of new ideas for improvements that make an impact. As risk management is still very new in Duke-NUS, innovation and creativity makes the most of it. On top of the regular risk reporting by the respective risk owners and representatives, a reporting channel for all staff has been put in place. All staff members are empowered to report any potential event that will impact the School, and to think through suggestions and strategies which will benefit the School: 

Follow this link for details on Risk Management and Risk Reporting Channel for all

If you have anything to report concerning risk matters, please download the attached form Duke-NUS Risk Reporting Form for all.xls, fill in the information and drop it in the designated box at Level 1 reception, or email it to  

Ashley and her husband love traveling to beautiful places!

TI: Things that make you laugh…

AT:  My laughter is easily-triggered. I laugh at things as random as a simple joke, a funny picture, movie or newspaper clipping.

TI: Your motivation/inspiration in life is…

AT:  My family is always the inspiring power behind me.