Nancy Ling,   
Manager, Human Resources Department
Industry experience: 6 years

1. Why Human Resources?

I actually started out as an economist but felt a strong need for more people-interaction, so I decided to explore a career in Human Resources (HR). The journey has been rewarding as I am passionate in people development and I have never looked back on my decision! 

2. If you were to give an analogy for what you do….

I am like an engineer: designing frameworks and blueprints for talent and organizational development at Duke-NUS, making sure it is done with an innovative mindset and a results-driven approach in place.

3. Things that put a smile on my face…

I love the simple things: sleeping, watching my kitty sleep, having a yummy meal with friends,   a glass (or two) of wine, and enjoying a cool breeze (especially in Singapore).

4. My typical day is…

Coffee! – I need it for my brain to function, basically to kick-start the day.  Once that is out of the way, I will go through my emails and chip away at the numerous projects I have going on concurrently.  As we often run a host of HR-centric programs and events at Duke-NUS, I will do frequent checks on these areas to ensure everything is underway.  Luckily, I have a great team to ensure everything runs smoothly.

5. It is our pleasure to have you as our regular news contributor for the ‘Go Green’ section in The Insider. Share with us some of the rewards (and challenges of going green) especially in Singapore. 

I love the environment. The ‘Go Green’ section is a great way for me to share one of my passions.  Being proactive towards sustainable environmental practices is its own reward but sometimes it can be difficult e.g. if some of the basic infrastructure (such as recycling facilities) is not available.  Even then, it does not  take a lot to make a  change for the better, and it could be as simple as using your own mug instead of Styrofoam cups.  Singapore faces different environmental concerns to what I am used to in Australia so if anyone wants to contribute to the ‘Go Green’ section, we will be delighted to hear from you! You can always contact The Insider’s editorial team to share your contributions. I would love to learn some local insights on environmental practices!

6. I wouldn’t trade places for the world because….

I have a fantastic team and I work in a really friendly department where I am fortunate to work on projects that are really interesting and exciting.

Nancy and her team having a blast at the 2012 Dinner & Dance event

7. Any tips for our readers? 

Always listen to your mother!