The Values Ambassador Awards is an annual staff recognition scheme that celebrates positive staff work attitudes and promotes a positive work culture that enhances staff engagement, appreciation and belonging.   Over a period of 6 weeks, staff nominated colleagues who exemplified the values and demonstrated positive work behavior. A total of 46 nominations were received during the qualifying period and a judging committee comprising representatives from different Offices  eventually picked the 5 Values Ambassadors after a careful and rigorous evaluation.
Here are our 5 winners: -

From L-R: Goh Sok Hong, June Lee, Bryan Tan, Karen Chang and Dolliss Ang

Dolliss Ang
PA to Senior Vice Dean of Research, Office of Research
Member of the Duke-NUS Pioneer Team

Karen Chang
Senior Associate Dean, Office of Corporate Services

Bryan Tan
Executive, Research Operations, Office of Reserach 

June Lee
Senior Executive, MERE, Office of Education

Goh Sok Hong
Manager, Research Program, Office of Education
Recipient of the Dean's Excellence Award 2013

What do the School's values mean to you?

Dolliss: Our school's values cover all aspects, from personal to professional. An organization's values are not built overnight and i believe that we can truly live the values by being a part of it.

Karen: The values represent the Heart of the School. Being fundamental, they shape our ethics and drive our behavior. They must be fundamental and enduring. They are relevant only when everyone understands and lives them.

Bryan: I am reminded of the importance and my responsibility to uphold the School's values.

June: The School's values remind us not to look at how different we all are, but rather how we can rely on each other. When we share goals and ideas and ultimately trust one another, we achieve the desired result. Difference do not matter a lot when it comes to teamwork.

Sok Hong: THe values are our guiding principles in operations and they help to create a strong culture of excellence

How do you feel about being one of the inaugural recipients of this award scheme?

Dolliss: Marvelous!

Karen: I am humbled. Many of my colleagues deserve this award more. I take much comfort in knowing that my personal and professional aspirations are aligned to the School's core values.

Bryan: Honestly, my first reaction was that of disbelief - really? Are you serious? No way! I feel cherished, honoured and proud to be one, but I am sure there are many more unsung heroes in our midst that deserve this honor.

June: I feel excited and extremely honored! I am happy that my colleagues appreciate my work. THANK YOU for your nominations and support.

Sok Hong: My sincere appreciation and thanks to the management team's guidance and strong support from colleagues. It is a great honor to be one of hte winners. I believe in lifelong learning and do not mind going the extra mile to contribute my skills, exchange ideas and build friendships.