Lee Wee Ming, Assistant Manager 
Development Department

The Insider: Wee Ming loves crunching numbers at work, but in his free time he does an incredible amount of outdoor sports such as scuba diving in more than seven countries to date. The Insider chats with him.

Wee Ming – ambassador for the great outdoors!

Life @ Duke-NUS

I remember describing Duke-NUS as “the tall brown tower” near Singapore General Hospital as you travel along the Central Expressway. It’s impossible to miss the Duke-NUS building with the prominent sky sign. Anyway, two interviews later and fast-forward to the present day, I continue to enjoy my role with Development overseeing fundraising & stewardship initiatives. There's a sense of gratification knowing that every donation is committed for our students' education or promising research to find cures, transform medicine and improve patients' lives. We are thankful to our donors and partners for being supportive of the many causes that our school champion. 

Last September, we launched the annual Staff Giving Campaign to encourage a strong culture of staff giving. We are appreciative for our colleagues who have pledged their support and aim for a 100% staff participation effort. Please feel free to ask me or any of my team members about the campaign or visit

My favourite sports

Scuba Diving

15 years ago, I had my first snorkeling experience in Palau Redang. I fell in love with the sea and took up diving the very next day. The underwater experience is a totally alien realm that is least explored and most intriguing. The sense of weightlessness underwater is both an invigorating and stress relieving experience. There’s a little ‘Indiana Jones’ in me because of my constant need to explore new places and venture into unknown frontiers. The best dive site in my opinion is Sipadan, east coast of Sabah where sharks, turtles and huge schools of fish are common sights. I have also stayed in Indonesia, Manado for 3 weeks to complete the Dive Master course.

'Sea' Wee Ming’s first love

Beach Volleyball

While basic requirements include speed, agility and being physically fit, you must first be a team player. I enjoy the camaraderie built up through the games, and appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of each team player and also the competitors.

Loving the sunny skies!


Cycling allows me to explore new places which would not be easily achievable by driving or walking. It’s a great form of exercise that you can do with friends and also a good excuse to hunt for good food spots in Singapore. Recently, I completed an online challenge which involved cycling 800km within 2 months - it took a great deal of discipline and determination to complete it.


This is my current addiction which looks set to be a long term one. I’m thoroughly refreshed after each session especially in the mornings.

Fun fact:  Wee Ming is seriously considering an indoor sport – bowling, since he became the first player to score three successive strikes or Turkey at the recent staff bowling extravaganza.  

Any peculiar habits?

Reading. Actually I enjoy buying books more but it takes me forever to complete a book, sometime never.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

Chili padi in soya sauce because I love spicy food. Luckily, I don’t need to pack chili to most of my diving destinations. Majority of the fabulous dive sites are in South East Asia and the countries there grow their own chilies. The best chili by far is from Sabah - small, bursting with aroma and just the right spice level for my palate. The chilies in Bali are really fiery albeit it’s tiny size. 

Bali Escapade

On a scale of 1-10, how patient are you?

I'm extremely patient with others while impatient with myself. I must complete my things fast but it’s fine if others take their own sweet time as long as they don’t delay my progress. Would that be a 5 upon 10?

I am thankful for…

Being introduced to meditation. Meditation serves many purposes but more importantly it keeps me calm and focused. Since I'm quite active, meditation 'forces' me to slow down and find inner peace in the midst of life's daily chaos and distractions.

Thankful for a great team! Meet the lovely development folks.