By: Lye Weng Kit, 
Associate, Centre for Quantitative Medicine

I am from Penang, one of the states in Malaysia that contributes to the “go green” movement. I joined Duke-NUS in December 2012 as an Associate in the Centre for Quantitative Medicine. My awareness and interest in green issues grew as the Penang state government launched a number of campaigns throughout the past five years. I started incorporating  green practices one at a time, and now taking care of the environment has become a very good habit.  

Going green is an important topic in our daily life – it has become an area of heated discussion regionally and internationally in recent years. For me, going green is not just beneficial for the environment, but it also allows for a better lifestyle as well as a ‘greener’ wallet too! Therefore, I always make it a point to share with my friends about the benefits of adopting such a lifestyle, and emphasize that going green always is a win-win situation especially for the environment.

These are a few simple “go green” techniques I have been practicing in the last five years:

1. I use a lunch box to take away meals. This way, I save hundreds of Styrofoam meal box every year.

2. I never request plastic bag for take away food. I bring a reusable bag with me when I buy take-away.

3. I only switch-on the lights above my desk instead of for the whole office when I work late and come back on weekends to prevent wastage.

4. I always use both sides of the paper before recycling it. The papers with one side blank are kept in a different tray, and I use them appropriately when needed. Of course, double sided printing is most encouraged.

5. Most of the water taps for public use are automatic or push water taps. However, traditional water taps are installed in residential houses. I turn my water tap at home to maximum pressure only when I really need it.

6. I use the hand dryer instead of tissue paper to dry my hands. When hand dryer is not available or broken and I need to use tissue instead, I take only the amount that I need.

7. I use energy-saving light bulbs at home.

These efforts may be very small, but I believe that I’m doing the right thing by going green. I hope you will do your bit to contribute too!