Ryna Tan,  
Senior Manager, Human Resources Department

Seven years ago, I joined the Duke-NUS Human Resources (HR) Department to manage the area of staff compensation and benefits and HR information system.

Over the years, my portfolio has expanded to include manpower budgeting, external grant claims on manpower expenses, payroll reconciliation and shared services.

It has been a rewarding and challenging journey, both at work as well as my personal life especially during the early years.


The Insider is pleased to catch up with two of our colleagues from the Medical Education, Research and Evaluation (MERE) Department. Meet Ms Goh Sok Hong, Senior Manager and Mr Francis Law, Laboratory Technical Officer (Pictured below from L-R). 

The Insider (TI): How long have you been with Duke-NUS?

Sok Hong (SH): This is my 8th year of service at Duke-NUS. I started as a statistician and helped develop various projects during the initial phases, such as the TeamLEAD, gradebook, evaluation programme, and the student assessment system. 

Francis Law (FL):  About 1.5 years.


By: Prof Thomas Coffman (Tom) 
Dean-designate, Duke-NUS;
Director, Programme in Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disorders (CVMD)

Other Affiliations: James R. Clapp Professor of Medicine, Duke University Medical Center
Born: West Virginia, USA
Places lived: Tennessee, Ohio, Puerto Rico, North Carolina
Alma mater: University of Pennsylvania & Ohio State University (M.D.)

By: Mr Tony Tay, Director, Facilities Planning
Years in Duke-NUS: 8.5 years

The Insider (TI): Share with us some of your memories of the Duke-NUS Interim Campus at 2 Jalan Bukit Merah.

Tony Tay (TT): The Interim Campus comprised several single and double-storey colonial buildings nestled in a valley with dense foliage, and Bismarck palm trees lined both sides of the driveway. It was a joy to work in such a quaint and relaxed environment amidst the urbanised city.

Interim Campus at 2 Jalan Bukit Merah (2005 - 2009)

By: Ms Stephanie Jade Arlindita,
Assistant Manager, SingHealth Group Communications

How many of you are familiar with Tomorrow’s Medicine, the SingHealth Duke-NUS publication on Academic Medicine matters?

If you’re wondering who is behind it, I am (part of the team). I am constantly looking out for stories to write and publish, conducting interviews, managing the production and doing a bit of writing myself; on top of other departmental projects. I especially love stories of our healthcare staff – they are an inspiration both for work and life in general. You may find me familiar as my work often takes me to the Duke-NUS campus.

Story and photos by: Bryan Chen
IT Analyst, Innovative Solutions

There simply isn’t a lot to do in Singapore during weekends, apart from immersing oneself in like-minded crowds at typical places such as shopping malls, attractions and cinemas.


Associate Professor Sujoy Ghosh,  
Programme in Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disorders
Nationality: Born in India, naturalized United States citizen
Years in Duke-NUS: 1.5 years

The Insider (TI): Why research?  

Sujoy Gosh (SG): When I was in ninth grade, my grades in biology were unimpressive because the subject required constant memorization which bored me. My father, a man of commerce, began reading my biology books and summarizing every chapter into a small, 16-page notebook. That changed biology for me forever.

Suria Sio (Senior Executive, Communications)
& Tan Hong Zhi (Executive, Finance),  
Duke-NUS Staff Recreation Club (FY 2014/2015) members

Suria and Hongzhi manage the SRC's publicity and budgeting efforts respectively

The Insider (TI): Have you served on any Staff Recreation Club previously? 

Tan Hong Zhi (HZ) and Suria Sio (SS): Both of us had been involved in staff recreation activities in our previous jobs (both outside and within Duke-NUS) but this is our first official appointment with the Duke-NUS Staff Recreation Club (SRC).

By: Audra Tan 
Assistant Manager, Development Department

My name is Audra and I am part of the Development team. My main work responsibilities are to establish, build and maintain strong relationships with existing and prospective donors to support professorships, research programs, student scholarships, bursaries and community service initiatives. Sounds like a tall order, but I truly enjoy the opportunities to network. 


Gisela Garcia Alvarez & Vivian Poon's amazing friendship
Programme in Neuroscience & Behavioural Disorders (NBD)

Gisela: I met Vivian on my first day at Duke-NUS. I was working four benches away at our lab but I remember hearing her laughter and seeing her speed-walking around the lab.