Scott Summers,  
Associate Professor, Programme in Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disorders

“Gluttony is the source of all our infirmities, and the fountain of all our diseases. As a lamp is choked by a superabundance of oil, a fire extinguished by excess of fuel, so is the natural health of the body destroyed by intemperate diet.”  Robert Burton, English writer, philosopher and humorist, 1621

Associate Professor Scott Summers

Saying goodbye to a dear friend is never easy - Ms Giselia Giam, Vice Dean, Office of Corporate Services is an outstanding individual and a very valued member of the Duke-NUS family. She played a major role in the formation and development of Duke-NUS and is in all sense of the word, a pioneer. We wish Giselia the very best success and thank her for all her contributions over the last six years to build our school and to bring it to a steady and vigorous position moving forward.

The origins of Think Tank started from a brainstorming session during the Office of Corporate Services (OCS) retreat in 2011. Representatives from various departments, and coincidentally, different nationalities, were nominated to review and recommend appropriate actions to address 3 key areas, namely, policies and procedures, automation, and branding of OCS.