By: Ms Stephanie Jade Arlindita,
Assistant Manager, SingHealth Group Communications

How many of you are familiar with Tomorrow’s Medicine, the SingHealth Duke-NUS publication on Academic Medicine matters?

If you’re wondering who is behind it, I am (part of the team). I am constantly looking out for stories to write and publish, conducting interviews, managing the production and doing a bit of writing myself; on top of other departmental projects. I especially love stories of our healthcare staff – they are an inspiration both for work and life in general. You may find me familiar as my work often takes me to the Duke-NUS campus.

Getting to know Katheryn,  
Deputy Director, Joint Office of Academic Medicine (JOAM)

The Insider (TI): Do share your industry experience with us…

Katheryn Maung (KM): I started my career as a writer in a publishing firm before I was wooed into the glitzy fast-paced world of advertising. After seven years of late nights, countless campaigns and coffee overdoses, I decided to do something more meaningful with my life and joined a Voluntary Welfare Organization serving the needy. That experience was a turning point for me as I realized that every one of us, no matter how incapable we feel, can actually help another when we put our heart into it.