Stephanie Ho,  
Secretary, Programme in Neuroscience & Behavioural Disorders (NBD)

The Insider: NBD colleague Stephanie shares about work, her love for photography, baking and what matters most in life.

Stephanie and one of her many photography masterpieces!

The Duke-NUS family

This is my 10th year of service and I have forged deep friendships with both my former and current colleagues and bosses. I consider Duke-NUS my second home.

Lee Wee Ming, Assistant Manager 
Development Department

The Insider: Wee Ming loves crunching numbers at work, but in his free time he does an incredible amount of outdoor sports such as scuba diving in more than seven countries to date. The Insider chats with him.

Wee Ming – ambassador for the great outdoors!

Gavia Karen Lozada
Management Assistant Officer, 
Programme in Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disorders, Office of Research

The Insider checks in with Karen to find out more about her administrative journey.

Benson Ng
Manager, Research Operations
Years in Duke-NUS: 3 years+

The Insider chatted with Benson to find out about his different roles at Duke-NUS and why soccer is his game.

1) What’s your role at the Research Operations department?

My work entails a lot of meticulous details. I basically act as a conduit to ensure that the scientists’ experiments are performed smoothly in the ABSL3 Lab. This entails ensuring compliance with established safety protocols and legislative requirements while ensuring Duke-NUS’ culture of safety and adherence to established industrial practices. It is a fine balancing act between ensuring scientists are not discouraged by the extensive compliance requirements and satisfying local authorities’ requirements.

Getting to know Sharon Kuah and Kathleen Chan from the Research Affairs Department (RAD)

But first… let us congratulate Sharon, a recipient of the inaugural Values Frequent Flyer Award for this year’s Values Ambassador Awards and Kathleen, a first-time Values Ambassador Awards nominee.


Designation: Director, Research Affairs Department, Office of Research
Years at Duke-NUS:

The Insider chats with Ms Lai Yih Shin (Senior Executive) and Prof Wang Linfa from the Programme in Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID).

The Insider (TI): Congratulations Yih Shin, for winning the 2014 Achiever's Awards (AA) - Administration Category. Tell us more about your background and what drew you to Duke-NUS?  

The Communications team interviews fellow team member Mr. Reza Shah (Associate Director for Planning, Organisational Development & Quality Service), and a recipient of the 2014 Achiever's Award and Long Service Award, to find out his secret recipe for success.

Colleagues fondly remark that they often hear Reza’s hearty laugh along the office corridors, before they meet the man himself.

Behind his friendly and positive demeanour is a passion to better Duke-NUS with his dedication, expertise and experience. These are put to good use, as he juggles daily with three major areas of the organisation – strategic planning, quality service management and staff engagement.

Getting to know Katheryn,  
Deputy Director, Joint Office of Academic Medicine (JOAM)

The Insider (TI): Do share your industry experience with us…

Katheryn Maung (KM): I started my career as a writer in a publishing firm before I was wooed into the glitzy fast-paced world of advertising. After seven years of late nights, countless campaigns and coffee overdoses, I decided to do something more meaningful with my life and joined a Voluntary Welfare Organization serving the needy. That experience was a turning point for me as I realized that every one of us, no matter how incapable we feel, can actually help another when we put our heart into it. 

By: Annie Kirk-Jeffs,
Executive, Office of Clinical Sciences

My name is Annie Kirk-Jeffs and I work as an executive in the Post Award Guidance (PAG) Core of the Academic Medicine Research Institute (AMRI), Office of Clinical Sciences. I am originally from Northern Ireland, and I say originally because it has been 20++ years and 6 countries since I lived there. Out of those 6 countries, the safety, cleanliness and weather all conspire to make Singapore the finest so far!

Prior to Duke-NUS the majority of my working life was spent as cabin crew or as we “in the know” call it - a Trolley Dolly. 

Flying around the world, meeting different people, experiencing a plethora of cultures, food and places is exhilarating and does ensure that one adapts easily to most situations.

By: Mahi RN 
Senior Manager, Research Operations

The Insider: Mahi joined Duke-NUS as a Manager with the Office of Research in 2009. Her primary responsibilities are to oversee the safety, regulatory compliance and crisis management for the school. She also supports the school's research activities in the areas of compliance to legal, IBC, IRB and IACUC requirements; and operation of research facilities. She reports to Dr. Viji Vijiyan, Director of the Research Operations and her office is located on level 6 in the administrative block.