Lee Wee Ming, Assistant Manager 
Development Department

The Insider: Wee Ming loves crunching numbers at work, but in his free time he does an incredible amount of outdoor sports such as scuba diving in more than seven countries to date. The Insider chats with him.

Wee Ming – ambassador for the great outdoors!

Ong Yen May
Media Specialist, Communications

The Insider: May is full of fun! We mean our media specialist Ong Yen May. Read and find out more!

Ola! So, the first thing you’d probably notice about me is my tan. It’s a badge of honour I wear from paddling. I love being out on the water! Currently, I paddle in a dragon boat with the Canadian Dragons Singapore, and in an outrigger canoe with the Singapore Paddle Club. There is nothing quite like sitting on the water with the wind in your face and the sun shining overhead, disconnected from the wired world we often find ourselves in. And, as a bonus, I get to compete both locally and internationally. The outrigger sprint championships are coming up in Tahiti in 2018. Isn’t that something to look forward to?

Evonne Liu, Executive and 
Ng Zhi Mao, Learning & Development Specialist 
Human Resources Department

The Insider got up close and personal with two colleagues from the Talent & Development Team for a ‘LEARNing’ session. Here’s what Zhi Mao (everyone calls him Mao) and Evonne shared with us…

Hope you like all our training & development programmes!

By: Laura Faulkner, Duke-NUS Communications Intern

I have always been pretty curious about the things around me. Growing up, my siblings and I explored the world with encyclopaedias, little microscope sets and tool kits. So studying for a degree in medical biochemistry was not big a surprise to my family and friends. However, being interested in science communication was, particularly because I never really enjoyed writing in school. 

 Laura at the City of Arts and Science in Valencia

The Communications team interviews fellow team member Mr. Reza Shah (Associate Director for Planning, Organisational Development & Quality Service), and a recipient of the 2014 Achiever's Award and Long Service Award, to find out his secret recipe for success.

Colleagues fondly remark that they often hear Reza’s hearty laugh along the office corridors, before they meet the man himself.

Behind his friendly and positive demeanour is a passion to better Duke-NUS with his dedication, expertise and experience. These are put to good use, as he juggles daily with three major areas of the organisation – strategic planning, quality service management and staff engagement.

Ryna Tan,  
Senior Manager, Human Resources Department

Seven years ago, I joined the Duke-NUS Human Resources (HR) Department to manage the area of staff compensation and benefits and HR information system.

Over the years, my portfolio has expanded to include manpower budgeting, external grant claims on manpower expenses, payroll reconciliation and shared services.

It has been a rewarding and challenging journey, both at work as well as my personal life especially during the early years.

By: Mr Tony Tay, Director, Facilities Planning
Years in Duke-NUS: 8.5 years

The Insider (TI): Share with us some of your memories of the Duke-NUS Interim Campus at 2 Jalan Bukit Merah.

Tony Tay (TT): The Interim Campus comprised several single and double-storey colonial buildings nestled in a valley with dense foliage, and Bismarck palm trees lined both sides of the driveway. It was a joy to work in such a quaint and relaxed environment amidst the urbanised city.

Interim Campus at 2 Jalan Bukit Merah (2005 - 2009)

Story and photos by: Bryan Chen
IT Analyst, Innovative Solutions

There simply isn’t a lot to do in Singapore during weekends, apart from immersing oneself in like-minded crowds at typical places such as shopping malls, attractions and cinemas.

Suria Sio (Senior Executive, Communications)
& Tan Hong Zhi (Executive, Finance),  
Duke-NUS Staff Recreation Club (FY 2014/2015) members

Suria and Hongzhi manage the SRC's publicity and budgeting efforts respectively

The Insider (TI): Have you served on any Staff Recreation Club previously? 

Tan Hong Zhi (HZ) and Suria Sio (SS): Both of us had been involved in staff recreation activities in our previous jobs (both outside and within Duke-NUS) but this is our first official appointment with the Duke-NUS Staff Recreation Club (SRC).

By: Audra Tan 
Assistant Manager, Development Department

My name is Audra and I am part of the Development team. My main work responsibilities are to establish, build and maintain strong relationships with existing and prospective donors to support professorships, research programs, student scholarships, bursaries and community service initiatives. Sounds like a tall order, but I truly enjoy the opportunities to network.