In 2013, Duke-NUS officially adopted Autism Spectrum Disorder as its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme. Building on the students’ annual participation in the World Autism Awareness Week and our researchers’ genetic studies on autism enable the school to contribute to the cause in a more holistic and sustainable way – especially when an estimated 216 children are diagnosed with the condition in Singapore annually1.

Of the 26 volunteers who generously gave of their time and energy to volunteer at St Andrew’s Autism Centre’s two-day camp in May 2015, five came from Asst Prof Shawn Je’s lab. Since his lab studies the molecular and cellular mechanisms related to autism and schizophrenia, Shawn Je felt it would be good for his team to gain a real-world understanding of how autism affects those with this disorder.

By: Ms Prassanna Raman,  
Research Assistant, Program in Health Services and Systems Research

Soap suds, shiny cars, and Bingo – the Program in Health Services and Systems Research (HSSR) retreat had it all. 

The HSSR program organizes different events each year to encourage staff and faculty members to engage in meaningful and stimulating activities outside of work. This year’s retreat, which took place on March 1, was designed to enhance team bonding and promote community engagement