Elysia Su & Ha Tran
Research Assistants, Academic Medicine Education Institute (AM•EI) 
Office of Education

The Insider catches up with Elysia & Ha from Duke University, here on a one year internship with the Office of Education. For starters, here are some fun facts about this duo!

Number of countries visited

Elysia: 22  Ha: 17

Favourite lunch spot 

Elysia: Muchachos  Ha: Aloha Poke 

Favourite Singlish phrase

Elysia: Siao (crazy) Ha: Bo jio (not calling someone along to an event/activity) 

Strange obsession

Elysia: Fonts  Ha: Magnets 


Jamie Low
Executive, Student Recruitment, Admissions & Financial Aid 
Office of Education
Years in Duke-NUS: 1 year+

The Insider: Since Jamie is the editor for the Admissions Blog ‘Upbeat’, she gets to contribute for once and here’s what you need to know about her.

1) Is this your first job in a school setting?

Yes it is. That said, my job scope at Duke-NUS is similar to my previous job at A*STAR, where my primary role was to promote scholarships. Here, I promote the MD and PhD programmes to a similar audience. 


The Insider caught up quickly with Maria Tan on the highs and lows of events management.

Maria is an Events Manager with the Office of Education and is also a two-times Values Ambassador Awards nominee. This is Maria's take on 5 questions we put to her.


The winners of the Dean's Excellence Awards are personally selected by the Dean, from the pool of the Achiever’s Award winners, to accord them the highest recognition for their exceptional contributions and significant impact within and beyond the school. 

The Dean’s Excellence Awards 2014 go to:

Each accomplished in their respective fields, all the three winners feel honoured and at the same time, motivated that there was more they could do in and beyond their areas of work.


The Insider is pleased to catch up with two of our colleagues from the Medical Education, Research and Evaluation (MERE) Department. Meet Ms Goh Sok Hong, Senior Manager and Mr Francis Law, Laboratory Technical Officer (Pictured below from L-R). 

The Insider (TI): How long have you been with Duke-NUS?

Sok Hong (SH): This is my 8th year of service at Duke-NUS. I started as a statistician and helped develop various projects during the initial phases, such as the TeamLEAD, gradebook, evaluation programme, and the student assessment system. 

Francis Law (FL):  About 1.5 years.

The Silver - Vogel Partnership
Relationship: Husband & Wife (13 years)
In Duke-NUS/Singapore since January 2012  


Getting to know Wilson Xin  
Standardized Patient Program Trainer, Clinical Performance Center
Industry Experience: 8 years (2.5 years in Duke-NUS)

The Insider (TI): You majored in Information Systems, what drew you to the standardized patient program in Duke-NUS?  

Wilson Xin (WX): My passion for acting actually stemmed from loving literature as I was growing up.


By: Siti Hanisah,  
Executive, Student Recruitment Department

Every picture tells a story. This is so true, I simply love photos that have a story to tell or a feeling to portray. One look and I am back to the past. Or it could also signify hopes and dreams. A photograph could capture an exciting event, a moment of serendipity, the close bonds that friends and loved ones share and even the daily happenings around us.  I love how they remind me of the good and happy times I shared with others as well as bittersweet memories of the past. 


Getting to know Andy

Official designation:  Technical Officer (Office of Education, MERE Department)
Family status: Married         
Industry Experience: 8 years


By: Andrew Lyu 

I first heard about Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School (Duke-NUS) from Dr. Doyle Graham during a Durham NC applicant day. Dr Graham, who is a Course Director at Duke-NUS, shared a great deal of information on Duke-NUS ranging from the campus building, students’ diversity, TeamLEAD curriculum and his own personal experiences of living abroad in Singapore. At that point, I knew I had to spend some time in Duke-NUS in the future, as a visiting student, staff or otherwise.