The Communications team interviews fellow team member Mr. Reza Shah (Associate Director for Planning, Organisational Development & Quality Service), and a recipient of the 2014 Achiever's Award and Long Service Award, to find out his secret recipe for success.

Colleagues fondly remark that they often hear Reza’s hearty laugh along the office corridors, before they meet the man himself.

Behind his friendly and positive demeanour is a passion to better Duke-NUS with his dedication, expertise and experience. These are put to good use, as he juggles daily with three major areas of the organisation – strategic planning, quality service management and staff engagement.

By: Reza Shah
Associate Director, Planning & Organizational Development Department

I would find it mind-blowingly challenging if my daily work responsibility is to ensure that colleagues comply strictly with financial guidelines and processes – I am pretty sure that I will rub many shoulders the wrong way! 

Despite this inherent challenge, our colleagues in the Finance Department have somehow managed to turn this into an opportunity to deliver distinctively excellent service. When asked, Pauline Sim, Finance Director shared, “Financial policies and procedures have to be adhered as our School has to uphold accountability. However, in our role as finance professionals, we endeavor to make the human interface more pleasant for each of our colleague by explaining the applicable policies and facilitating the processes”.

The Values Ambassador Awards is an annual staff recognition scheme that celebrates positive staff work attitudes and promotes a positive work culture that enhances staff engagement, appreciation and belonging.   Over a period of 6 weeks, staff nominated colleagues who exemplified the values and demonstrated positive work behavior. A total of 46 nominations were received during the qualifying period and a judging committee comprising representatives from different Offices  eventually picked the 5 Values Ambassadors after a careful and rigorous evaluation.
Here are our 5 winners: -