By: Annie Kirk-Jeffs,
Executive, Office of Clinical Sciences

My name is Annie Kirk-Jeffs and I work as an executive in the Post Award Guidance (PAG) Core of the Academic Medicine Research Institute (AMRI), Office of Clinical Sciences. I am originally from Northern Ireland, and I say originally because it has been 20++ years and 6 countries since I lived there. Out of those 6 countries, the safety, cleanliness and weather all conspire to make Singapore the finest so far!

Prior to Duke-NUS the majority of my working life was spent as cabin crew or as we “in the know” call it - a Trolley Dolly. 

Flying around the world, meeting different people, experiencing a plethora of cultures, food and places is exhilarating and does ensure that one adapts easily to most situations.

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By: Lye Weng Kit, 
Associate, Centre for Quantitative Medicine

I am from Penang, one of the states in Malaysia that contributes to the “go green” movement. I joined Duke-NUS in December 2012 as an Associate in the Centre for Quantitative Medicine. My awareness and interest in green issues grew as the Penang state government launched a number of campaigns throughout the past five years. I started incorporating  green practices one at a time, and now taking care of the environment has become a very good habit.  

By: Dr Sumita Anant, Office of Clinical Sciences