About LCPC


The Lien Centre for Palliative Care (LCPC)  is a research and educational centre established in 2008 at the Duke-NUS Medical School, in collaboration with the Lien Foundation. Our other stakeholders include the National Cancer Centre, Singapore and Singhealth.



  • Develop innovative & high impact research projects

  • Build palliative care research databases in Singapore 

  • Produce top quality publications 

  • Hold research methodology workshops



  • Develop innovative education activities and projects

  • Organize lectures, courses, workshops and seminars

  • Coordinate support for palliative medicine programmes 

  • Coordinate support for clinical attachments


Date Activity
10 January 2008 Establishment of the Lien Centre.
14 October 2008 Opening of Lien Centre with Minister Khaw Boon Wan as the Guest of Honor.
1 November 2010 Lien Centre was commissioned by the Ministry of Health to help develop a national palliative care services strategy for eventual incorporation into a larger national end-of-life strategy that would involve other government agencies, civic societies, and other bodies.
1 June 2011 Appointment of A/Prof. Angelique Chan as the Director of Research and Dr. Noreen Chan as the Director of Education in Lien Centre Management.
5 January 2012 MOH accepted the recommendations made in the National Strategy Report on palliative care to help improve palliative care in Singapore.


“It is interesting that while death is the only certainty in life, many people do
not think about what they want to accomplish before the end comes and how they
want to depart this life. I suppose many just drift through life and do not plan ahead.
I hope the Lien Centre will help more to stop drifting and start planning.”

By Minister Khaw Boon Wan
Minister for Health (August 2004 - May 2011)
As quoted from his speech delivered at the Lien Centre Opening on 14 October 2008