SHC Multidisciplinary Palliative Care Forum is organized and sponsored by LCPC on a monthly basis and hosted at the premises of various hospitals and hospice services.

This is an inter-professional continuing education session held usually on the last Tuesday of each month. It is held over lunch time.

The topics are wide-ranging and reflect the multi-disciplinary nature of palliative care. The multidisciplinary forum meeting is accredited for both medical and nursing continuing education.


There are no events available at this time. You can submit your particulars to Lien Centre for Palliative Care so we can update you when an event is available.
Event Date:
28 Mar 2017, Tue

Event Date:
28 Feb 2017, Tue

Event Date:
24 Jan 2017, Tue

Event Date:
29 Nov 2016, Tue


Please refer to the map below for directions to St. Andrew's Community Hospital: