What is it?

The Education team at the Lien Centre for Palliative Care (LCPC) aims to deliver high quality palliative care education for health care professionals at the generalist level to meet the growing palliative care service needs locally and regionally. In 2016, LCPC set up an ‘Education Incubator’ with the aim of developing and delivering high quality educational programs in collaboration with other health care departments and institutions across Singapore. This model recognizes the wealth of clinical talent and vast experience in palliative care education but also the high constraints and competing priorities faced by palliative care providers. Therefore the education incubator is structured to enable health care professionals to teach and learn, while minimizing the operational and logistical oversight required to deliver these programs. LCPC’s Education team can provide the pedagogical and operational support required to develop and deliver such programs.

If you identify a learning need or gap in the training of health care professionals who work with patients and families facing life limiting illnesses, and you wish to develop a training program to address this need, you can consider the Education Incubator.

For further information about the LCPC Education Incubator, Click Here.

Contact: lcpc@duke-nus.edu.sg

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