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This section provides an overview of the various palliative care services provided by the different institutions across Singapore. Please refer to the respective websites by the relevant service providers for the most updated information.

Palliative Day Care Services

Caters to patients who are diagnosed with life-limiting illness but are stable and slowly deteriorating. Patients go to day hospice in the day and return by evening. Meals and transport are provided for a small fee. Frequency depends on preference and needs.

Palliative Home Care Services

Caters to patients diagnosed with life-limiting illnesses and have caregivers at home. Home visits are conducted by doctors, nurses, counsellors/medical social workers and therapists. Frequency of visits depends on clinical needs. Caregiving is done by patient’s caregivers, not the home hospice team.

Caregiver Services

  • Caregiver support/counselling providers

    Caring for a sick loved one can be challenging and emotionally draining. Listed are some of the community resources that may be useful for caregivers:


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