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This section introduces some of the most common problems faced by palliative care patients and their approaches.

Oral Care

  • Introduction

    • Oral problems may affect many palliative care patients, and can have a significant impact on their self-esteem, oral functions, and quality of life.
    • Good mouth care is therefore a crucial aspect of palliative care, and should be part of daily routine nursing care.
    • The aim of good mouth care is to prevent problems before they arise, and to control undesirable symptoms.
  • Common oral problems

    Oral candidiasis

Skin Care

  • Introduction

    • Patients receiving palliative care often face skin problems, as a result of advanced disease and declining physical state.
    • Nursing aspects consist of ensuring good skin care, managing skin breakdown and its associated symptoms, as well as addressing the psychosocial impact of wounds on patients and families.
  • Good skin care

Bowel Care

  • Introduction

    This section covers the administration of high fleet enema. For more information on the management of constipation, please refer to Constipation.

  • Administration of high fleet enema

    Indication for high fleet enema


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