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Unlimited funding

“To work on the discovery of photographic memory that can retain whatever is seen, heard, or sensed, and which can never be forgotten.”

Dolliss Ang
Personal Assistant to
Senior Vice Dean of Research
Duke-NUS Medical School


“If I had unlimited funding, I would conduct empathy training in kids in schools, and study the long term benefits. I would also like to see how empathy can be made a more socially valued trait.”

Anna Mini Jos
Research Assistant
Chronobiology and Sleep Laboratory
Duke-NUS Medical School


“With unlimited funding, I would run a randomised controlled trial whereby fecal microbiota is transplanted from a healthy patient to a patient with clinical anxiety, to explore the clinical potential of microbiota transplants in the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders.”

Jean Liu
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Neuroscience and Behavioural Disorders Programme
Duke-NUS Medical School


“We need excellent animal models for human disease. Also, I would invest in research aiming at stem cell based cell therapy for a variety of diseases. Excellent opportunities in Singapore.”

Karl Tryggvason
Tanoto Professor of Diabetes Research
Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders Programme
Duke-NUS Medical School



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