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David EpsteinJoin us in our new and ongoing conversation with Associate Dean David Epstein, Director of the Centre for Technology & Development (CTeD) about CTeD and commercialisation of research. For starters, we ask the fundamental question of CTeD’s mission and vision.

Singapore spends around S$9 Billion per year on healthcare while at the same time we also spend S$800 Million per year on biomedical research.  And so, it is natural for us ask how well we are doing as a society in ensuring both an improvement in how we provide healthcare, as well as whether the investment in research returns economic value to us.  As an aspirational vision, we hope to see innovative medicines, new biological and chemical platforms for drug discovery, expansion of our understanding of human biology and meaningful improvements how we will diagnose and treat disease.  We hope to benefit from technologies that enhance our personal interactions and improve how healthcare is provided to friends and family. 

In 2013, Duke-NUS Medical School established the Centre for Technology & Development (CTeD) to ensure that research is taken seamlessly from the research lab and implemented at bedside, so as to reach its full potential. CTeD does this through direct facilitation and mentoring of faculty and staff who are interested in seeing that their discoveries are converted into the next game-changing technology. Whether this means that we develop a strategic plan together that aligns your personal research to commercial interests, or that we directly advance a research program towards a commercial goal, get in touch with CTeD to find out more.

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