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Daryl Tan

The third year of research is a hallmark of the MD programme at Duke-NUS Medical School (Duke-NUS), which gives students a chance to flex their investigative muscles and figure out ways to treat diseases, improve patient care, better understand patients– or really do any kind of research that will improve people’s lives.

Daryl Tan really made the most of his third year at Duke-NUS. His biggest takeaway from the unique experience was that he learned to seize opportunities to work with the best mentors, to present his research in international conferences and to win prizes for his work.

During his second year elective in Women’s Anaesthesia in KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH), Daryl encountered brilliant, passionate and pro-teaching anaesthetists. For his third year, it was a natural choice for Daryl to do research at KKH under the mentorship of Associate Professor Sng Ban Leong, Director, KK Research Centre and Deputy Head and Senior Consultant, Department of Women’s Anaesthesia, KKH, and Professor Alex Sia, former Chairman Medical Board and Chief Executive Office and Senior Consultant, Department of Women’s Anaesthesia, KKH.


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