SingHealth Graduation Awards - Recognising the best of 2013

Today, a group of exceptional individuals among the Class of 2013 Duke-NUS graduands were presented with the SingHealth Graduation Awards during the Awards Ceremony. Comprising three Gold Medal Awards and four Prizes, these Awards highlight the strategic partnership between SingHealth and Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School.

Given to outstanding students from the graduating cohort, these Awards recognise academic excellence and high standards shown at clerkship posting within SingHealth Institutions.

We congratulate the winners of the 2013 SingHealth Graduation Awards!

Szymon Mikulski
SingHealth Top Student Gold Medal

The SingHealth Top Student Gold Medal is granted to the top overall graduating student. Szymon is an outstanding student of Duke-NUS who as a representative and later President of the Student Council, he constantly advocates for numerous positive changes for the student body. In addition, he has strong leadership skills and a deep sense of commitment to help the disadvantaged and needy. He is indeed a true leader who leads by example!

Zhang Zewen
SingHealth Seah Cheng Siang Gold Medal in Medicine
Zewen is the top student in Medicine who truly deserves the SingHealth Seah Cheng Siang Gold Medal in Medicine. An outstanding all-rounder at Duke-NUS, he possesses great intellect and sound reasoning ability. He has excellent medical skills, exhibits professionalism and is hardworking. A cheerful and supportive team player, he particularly distinguishes himself as a leader, leading local and overseas missions and screening programs for the disabled and less fortunate.

Ku Chee Wai
SingHealth David Sabiston Gold Medal in Surgery
The SingHealth David Sabiston Gold Medal in Surgery recognises the most outstanding student in the field of surgery. The award is named after luminary David Sabiston, an early innovator in cardiac surgery. Chee Wai has exceedingly sharp clinical acumen and is praised by his peers as having good clarity of thought, intelligent and dedicated. Team members have complimented his high EQ, warmth and humility. He distinguishes himself as a potential clinician-researcher by having produced highly impressive manuscripts in his research year.

Michael Ku-Hung Hsieh
SingHealth Prize in Family Medicine

Ku Chee Wai
SingHealth Prize in Obstetrics & Gynecology

Law Shipei
SingHealth Prize in Pediatrics

Zhang Zewen
SingHealth Prize in Neurology