Clinical research encompasses studies of people who may or may not have an illness but who do consent to be research participants. Most clinical research at Duke-NUS is conducted at affiliated hospitals and clinics, or at selected specific research sites (e.g. Cognitive Neurosciences Laboratory or the SingHealth Investigational Medicine Unit).

Duke-NUS supports clinical research by providing senior disease experts and senior quantitative experts (e.g. bio-statistician, epidemiologists) as part of mentoring teams to help develop clinician investigators and scientists through the Khoo Infrastructure Award and Khoo Clinical Discovery Award Programmes. Individual mentoring teams are developed for each medical student at NUS and for house officers at affiliated hospitals. In addition, the Singapore Clinical Research Institute provides full scientific collaboration and guidance in protocol design, execution analysis and publication for investigators at Duke-NUS or elsewhere in Singapore who are developing applications for submission to the NMRC. Medical students and house officers may also elect to attend the Masters and Clinical Investigation Program (MCI) at YLL School of Medicine for additional didactic training in clinical research methods.

In addition to the five Duke-NUS Signature Research Programmes that aim to make a substantive impact on Singapore's biomedical sciences scene, there are also seven centres that further integrate and enhance research and learning at Duke-NUS.


Centre for Ageing Research and Education
Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience
Centre for Computational Biology
Centre for Quantitative Medicine
Centre of Regulatory Excellence (CoRE)
Centre for Technology and Development
Lien Centre for Palliative Care