Signature Research Programmes

Research is the cornerstone on which all of the best medical schools have built their reputations. Little wonder then, that at Duke-NUS, sophisticated state-of-the-art research facilities are at the fingertips of the staff and students.

Research is an intrinsic part of being one of the best medical schools in the world; it is worked into the DNA of any good medical institution. At Duke-NUS, faculty staff and students are given access to some of the world’s most sophisticated biomedical research facilities. Spread over some 24,000 square meters, the Duke-NUS facility comprises state-of-the-art research spaces, classrooms, teaching labs and administrative offices. In addition to the in-house facilities, both students and faculty staff have access to numerous other specialized research support facilities away from the main campus. These off-campus facilities include the Outram campus, the SingHealth research centers, NUS and even the Biopolis at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), a S$300-million, 185,000-sq meter megaplex devoted to biomedical research.Click here to see our latest Research Achievements.

Duke-NUS focuses on 5 “Signature Research Programmes”:

  1. Cancer & Stem Cell Biology,
  2. Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disorders,
  3. Emerging Infectious Diseases,
  4. Health Services & Systems Research,
  5. Neuroscience & Behavioural Disorders.

Cancer & Stem Cell Biology

The CSCB research groups have diverse programmes in both basic cancer biology and clinical-translational studies, with a special emphasis on the cancers that affect the Asian community in general. 

Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disorders

The CVMD programme houses state-of-the-art technologies for profiling mitochondrial function and metabolic adaptations in human patients and other model organisms, and undertakes translational and clinical research in cardiovascular and metabolic disorders.

Emerging Infectious Diseases

The EID Programme aims to pioneer the development and discovery of new and more effective methods for the treatment, prevention and control of new and emerging pathogens. 


Health Services & Systems Research

The HSSR Programme is established as a center of academic excellence for research and education on the organization, funding, and delivery of health services. 

Neuroscience & Behavioural Disorders

The NBD programme comprises research groups that investigate molecular, developmental, systems and cognitive neuroscience.