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Centre for Computational Biology

Nurul Jannah Binte Mohamed Nasir

Research Fellow


Jannah just joined Lisa's lab as a Research Fellow this year. She was a PhD student studying muscle regeneration, iron, oxidative stress and immune response in a mouse model of pressure ulcers, as well as ways to improve wound healing. She had also studied the panniculus carnosus muscle, its protective function and its role in pressure ulcer recurrence.
  1. Nasir NJM, Corrias A, Heemskerk H, Ang ET, Jenkins J, Sebastin S, Tucker-Kellogg L. (2021). The panniculus carnosus muscle: a missing link in the chronicity of heel pressure ulcers? Journal of the Royal Society Interface. In press.  
  2. Lim CJ, Nguyen PHD, Wasser M, Kumar P, Lee YH, Nasir NJM, Chua C, … Chew, V. (2021). Immunological hallmarks for clinical response to BCG in bladder cancer. Frontiers in Immunology. 
  3. Chew V, Lee YH, Pan L, Nasir NJM, Lim CJ, Chua C, Lai L, … Albani S, Chow PKH. (2019). Immune activation underlies a sustained clinical response to Yttrium-90 radioembolisation in hepatocellular carcinoma. Gut.