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Centre for Computational Biology

Olona Ferrer Antoni Maria

Research Fellow


Contact: 66018212

Toni graduated with a Bachelor in Biology and a Masters degree in Genetics from the University of Barcelona in Spain. He then moved to St. George's hospital, University of London, where he gained experience in cell biology and microscopy. He obtained a PhD degree in immunology and metabolism at Imperial College London under the supervision of Jacques Behmoaras. He published his PhD project (Mol. Metab; Br J. Pharmacol) and gained doctoral and post-doctoral knowledge in translational immunology and metabolism by studying macrophage-related pathways such as the inflammasome. Toni has recently joined Jacques Behmoaras' group in the Centre for Computational Biology, Program in Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders, Duke-NUS, to carry out translational research on the role of macrophages in ageing and metabolic diseases.

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