Signature Seminar Series: Antibodies Against SARS-CoV-2: A Global Collaboration by Dr Saphire

Seminar Flyer (Dr Erica Saphire)

Date and Time

05 Apr 2022 @ 14:00 - 05 Apr 2022 @ 15:00


Dr. Saphire directs the Coronavirus Immunotherapy Consortium (CoVIC), which united labs from around the globe to find and mobilize therapeutics against COVID-19. She also galvanized the Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Immunotherapeutic Consortium (VIC), a  multidisciplinary, five-continent collaboration of former competitors that together resolved the gulf between in vitro and in vivo antibody success for Ebola and Lassa. In her own lab, Dr. Saphire studies the three-dimensional structures that drive immune recognition and protection. Her research reveals where viruses are vulnerable, how a successful immune response can be mounted, and draws the blueprints for better vaccines and treatments. Dr. Saphire’s work has been recognized at the White House with the PECASE award, and other national and international recognitions.