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Singapore scientists uncover how neural stem cells are activated intrinsically by spindle matrix proteins
A multicentre research team led by Duke-NUS Medical School (Duke-NUS)’s Neuroscience and...
A Promising Future for Cellular Replacement Therapies in Neurodegenerative Diseases
In the third session of Research Grand Round, 1st prize winners of the SingHealth Duke-...
A big difference in students, after Nanyang Girls starts school later at 8.15am
They are more energised and focused throughout the day, and school didn't even have to...

Overview of NBD

The Neuroscience and Behavioral Disorders Program at Duke-NUS is focused on understanding the structure and function of the nervous systems, and the relation of neural mechanisms in model systems to human neurological, psychiatric and ophthalmological disorders. The research interests of the faculty members range from neural development and circuit regulation to brain imaging, perception and behavior.

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