Adam Claridge-Chang

Associate Professor


Contact: 66016963

The mission of the Claridge-Chang lab is to develop and use Drosophila behavioral neurogenetic methods to better understand basic brain functions that are disrupted in common mental disorders. We are particularly interested in aversive associative learning, defense behaviors, feeding, and other emotional behaviors, including the role of the conserved neuromodulatory pathways involved in these processes. The lab has expertise in genetics, behavior experiments, instrumentation development, neuroanatomy, estimation statistics, meta-analysis, optogenetics, and related methods.

The lab webpage and Adam's ORCID page have more details about our research. The lab is hosted by the Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology. Adam is the President of the Singapore Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience. 

The lab has developed a free, user-friendly web app to help scientists with the analysis of experimental data.

Concordance and incongruence in preclinical anxiety models: systematic review and meta-analyses

Farhan Mohammad, Joses Ho, Chun Lei Lim, Jia Hern Woo, Dennis Jun Jie Poon, Bhumika

Lamba, Adam Claridge-Chang

Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews. 2016

• More than 1000 pdf downloads from bioRxiv

Ancient anxiety pathways influence Drosophila defense behaviors

Farhan Mohammad, Sameer Aryal, Joses Ho, James Charles Stewart, Nurul Ayuni Norman,

Tan Teng Li, Agnese Eisaka & Adam Claridge-Chang

Current Biology. 2016

• Highlighted in Asian Scientist, Medical Daily, Trends der Zukunft, A*STAR Research and others.

Drosophila learn efficient paths to a food source

Rapeechai Navawongse, Deepak Choudhury, Marlena Raczkowska, James Charles Stewart,

Terrence Lim, Mashiur Rahman, Alicia Guek Geok Toh, Zhiping Wang, Adam Claridge-


Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. 2016

Mouse pose estimation from depth images

Ashwin Nanjappa, Li Cheng, Wei Gao, Chi Xu, Adam Claridge-Chang, Zoe Bichler

arXiv. 2015

Estimating information processing through a memory system: the utility of

meta-analytic methods for genetics

Tugce Yildizoglu, Jan-Marek Weislogel, Farhan Mohammad, Edwin S.-Y. Chan, Pryseley N.

Assam, Adam Claridge-Chang

PLOS Genetics. 2015

• Highlighted in A*STAR Research.

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The right dorsal habenula limits attraction to an odor in zebrafish

Seetha Krishnan, Ajay S. Mathuru, Caroline Kibat, Mashiur Rahman, Charlotte Lupton,

James Stewart, Adam Claridge-Chang, Shih-Chen Yen, Suresh Jesuthasan

Current Biology. 2014

Selected review and opinion

Estimation statistics should replace significance testing

Adam Claridge-Chang and Pryseley N. Assam

Nature Methods. 2016

The surveillance state of behavioral automation

Andreas T. Schaefer and Adam Claridge-Chang

Current Opinion in Neurobiology. 2012