Sun Xuyang

Assistant Professor


Contact: 66016841

A native of Hang Zhou, China, Alfred came to Singapore in 1997 and completed his high school before taking up the A*STAR NSS-PhD scholarship. He obtained B.S. from Duke University and Ph.D from Stanford University (Supervisor: Dr. Gerald Crabtree). He then returned to Singapore and joined Prof. Bing Lim’s and later Prof. Ng Huck-Hui’s lab as a postdoc. Prior to starting his own lab in Duke-NUS, Alfred was a junior PI in the National Neuroscience Institute.

‘All Models are wrong, but some are useful.’

The Sun lab is building innovative human neural models to understand how human nervous system develop, mature, and age; and how dysfunction in these processes lead to various neurological disorders. A major focus of the lab now is neurodegeneration, particularly Parkinson disease. Another focus of the lab is to construct synthetic or artificial cells that are programmed with specific neuronal activities. Functional assembly and integration of such cells may serve as useful models for dissecting disease mechanisms as well as fueling translational discoveries.

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