Cancer, a leading cause of death worldwide, affects one in three people during their lifetime. The Cancer and Stem Cell Biology (CSCB) programme conducts world-class science in different fields of cancer research, including stem cell research to fight against cancer. We adopt both basic and clinical-translational approaches to understand key signaling pathways of cancer. CSCB is a key player in the innovation, development and advancement of cancer therapeutics.

CSCB has formed close collaborative networks with the existing cancer research community in Singapore, including the National Cancer Center (NCC), Singapore General Hospital, NUS, and the A*STAR Research Institutes.


Curriculum Requirements

  • 60 modular credits (MC) of which 40 MC comes from 3.5 years of research at the mentor’s laboratory

  • 6 MC from two rotations

  • 4 MC from IBM core course (1st year)

  • 4 MC from CDM5101 Fundamentals of Cancer Biology Course

  • 6 MC from other courses selected by you with input from your mentor

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More information

PhD programme, please click here.

MD/PhD Track, please click here.

Research Appointments

We offer opportunities for Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Assistants and Associates.

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