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Our Beneficiaries

It is because of your generous gift, our students are able to receive a first-class medical education, designed to nurture them to serve the future healthcare needs of Singapore. Students will learn alongside medical practitioners who are translating ideas into innovations that have a measurable impact on our health and quality of living.

Clement Sim
"I am extremely grateful for the generous donations that have enabled me to pursue my aspiration of becoming a clinician who will provide the best care for my patients and improve their quality of lives."

Katherine Nay Yaung
"Your gift has made a big difference in my life. I want to be the best doctor I can be and hope to make a positive impact on society when I graduate."

Tay Shi Huan
"I am very thankful for the generous bursary made available to us. I look forward to the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of healthcare professionals in the future for the provision of efficient, accurate and cost-efficient care to patients."

Natasha Nabilah
"The Duke-NUS bursary has definitely provided me with greater confidence and freedom in pursuing my ambition. In Medicine, experience is pivotal in shaping our understanding, but the training process is often very costly. Besides having fewer worries about financing such opportunities and thus being able to focus greater attention on my studies, I am also now more able to channel my remaining time and resources towards new initiatives and ideas."

Natalia Sutiman
"With great blessings come the responsibility to channel our knowledge, gifts and time towards improving the lives of others, and to be a catalyst for good in the world. The irony (and beauty) of life, is that it is in giving wholeheartedly that we truly receive. That has always served as a reminder for me to stay inspired through the struggles in my own journey, and I wish that for my classmates too."