Staff Testimonials

What makes my life enjoyable at Duke-NUS is that I am part of a closely-knitted and trusting team. Being a small Centre, we are able to adapt quickly and react well to changes over the years. My bosses encourage me to develop my potential by entrusting me with the autonomy to plan and execute projects. I am also grateful that the company culture supports workplace flexibility and work-life balance.

Tan Poh Jee

Ms Fion Farn

Centre for Clinician-Scientist Development
Office of Academic and Clinical Development

What I love most about working in Duke-NUS is being in a supportive team that allows me to openly share my opinions and suggestions without judgement. I'm also grateful for the opportunity to learn new things and collaborate with other departments. I really appreciate the guidance given for my professional development. Proud to be part of Duke-NUS!

Jiang Peiyun

Ms Jessie Chew

Assistant Manager
Communications & Strategic Relations Department
Office of Corporate Services

It has been nothing short of an enjoyable and rewarding journey since joining Duke-NUS in 2015. I’m very grateful to work with an exceptional team, collaborative colleagues, and the most supportive bosses who lead with compassion. I truly appreciate how Duke-NUS values our professional development and encourages us to take care of our mental wellbeing too.


Ms Nurhidaya Binte Ismail

Assistant Manager
Centre of Regulatory Excellence
Dean’s Office

In an almost decade-long affiliation with Duke-NUS, I have experienced an acceptance to challenge the convention and the freedom to propose and evaluate new ideas. Furthermore, the diverse skills of the faculty members which enrich everyone, are abundantly appreciated. Together, these features make Duke-NUS a rare and enjoyable workplace to grow with and be proud of!


Dr Fahad Javaid Siddiqui

Assistant Professor
Programme in Health Services & Systems Research
Office of Research 

I have been an employee in Duke-NUS since 2012. It is a place that is filled with positivity and vibrancy. Over the years here, I have been part of the change - we do not stop growing and we always seek to make life better. I am proud to be with one of Singapore’s best employers.


Ms Lee Chau Chwee Audrey

Planning & Business Management Department
Office of Education

I was part of the inaugural batch of Duke-NUS Class of 2011, so being back as a faculty has been a great honour. I am a huge fan of our school's mission to develop & train Clinician-Pluses. I am very fortunate to be able to pursue both my passion in surgery and medical technology innovation. The culture here embraces diversity and pushes us to dare to be different.


Dr Rena Dharmawan

Assistant Professor
Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship