Staff Testimonials

Since joining 3 years ago, my personal growth and experience has been immeasurable and positive. There are many training and development opportunities, and I am delighted to be a part of a culture that promotes the excellence of faculty, good teammates, and learning in every moment.
Tricia Wong

Ms Wong Poh Mun, Tricia

Assistant Manager
Academic Development Department
Office of Academic and Clinical Development

Having an understanding boss and a supportive team makes work enjoyable every day. I was able to settle in well thanks to the friendliness of the staff here. I appreciate every moment of work because of the conducive culture of respect and collaboration.
Deborah Seah

Ms Deborah Seah Hui Sin

Senior Executive
Information Technology Department
Office of Corporate Services

My Duke-NUS journey has been transformational and immensely enjoyable. Coming from a research background, I’m awed by the quality of scientific research here. It has been fulfilling to work with our outstanding researchers to help them develop viable commercial opportunities for the School, and I’m also thankful for the numerous career development opportunities.
Parakalan Rangarajan

Dr Parakalan Rangarajan

Senior IP & Licensing Analyst
Centre for Technology & Development 
Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Duke-NUS has a cohesive work culture. I enjoy the close-knit and vibrant environment, and working with people from diverse backgrounds has been an enriching experience. I appreciate the great teamwork, camaraderie and the mutual understanding and respect for each other, especially so with my team. 
Jacqueline Ho

Ms Ho Wei Lian Jacqueline

Management Assistant Officer
Programme in Neuroscience & Behavioural Disorders
Office of Research 
I have been with Duke-NUS since 2016, and it has been a rewarding experience from every perspective. I am grateful to work in a vibrant and collaborative environment and to be surrounded by inspiring faculty, researchers and administrators who have a desire to make a difference in the wider community.
Johan Susanto

Mr Johan Susanto

Technology Enhanced Learning & Innovation Department
Office of Education
Duke-NUS is a great place to work at with various opportunities for personal and professional growth. I feel valued knowing that I can reach my goals collectively with the support of my bosses. Doing your best is not just appreciated, it's encouraged, recognised and celebrated in many ways.
Lavanya Balan

Ms B Lavanya

Senior Executive
Centre of Regulatory Excellence
Dean’s Office