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Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders Programme is one of Signature Research Programme in Duke-NUS Medical School. Our Programme of research is centered around 13 principle investigators who span the breadth of cardiovascular and metabolic research from complex molecular studies to clinical trials in patients. The Programme has deep expertise in the areas of fat cell biology, the blood brain barrier, mitochondrial health, diabetic kidney disease, heart development, human genetics and clinical trials. The Programme Faculty consists of molecular and clinician scientists and aims to deliver end-to-end research from fundamental discovery to clinical application. We have a highly-collaborative ethos within the Programme and hold lively bi-weekly seminars with researchers from the National Heart Centre Singapore under the SingHealth/Duke-NUS joint institute, the National Heart Research Institute. The overarching aim of the Programme is to define the molecular mechanisms underlying human health and disease and to discover new approaches to prevent, diagnose and treat cardio-metabolic illnesses.

Professor Stuart Cook
Director in Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders Programme