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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to CVMD at Duke-NUS!

Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders (CVMD) Programme is one of the five Signature Research Programmes in Duke-NUS Medical School. Since it was founded the CVMD has seen a significant growth under the leadership of Prof. Coffman, Prof. Cook and Prof Silver.

The research scope at CVMD now encompasses a broad span in cardiovascular and metabolic biology and diseases, from basic fundamental discoveries to highly translational pre-clinical and clinical applications. Our faculties include recognized leaders in the fields of lipid and fat cell biology, vascular biology, mitochondrial regulation, diabetes and kidney disease, heart development and failure, human genetics and clinical trials, systems biology and computation biology.

A shared mission of CVMD faculties is to have a significant impact on human cardiovascular and metabolic health by advancing our knowledge through discovery and improving current medicine through innovation.  CVMD offers a vibrant and highly collaborative research environment with extensive Core facilities and programme sponsored academic activities, including seminars and retreats. CVMD is also a part of the joint National Heart Research Institute with close collaboration with our partner National Heart Centre Singapore.  In addition to its own primary faculties, the CVMD programme has close connections with Centre for Computation Biology and Centre for Vision Research.  In addition to research excellence, our faculties are actively engaged in training and education for medical and graduate students, as well as a significant number of research fellows.

Professor Yibin Wang
Programme Director
Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disorders