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Duke-NUS - Pre-Hospital and Emergency Research Centre (PERC)


Singapore has been seeing a yearly increase of demand for emergency services for both pre-hospital emergency medical services (“EMS”) and emergency departments of 3 to 10% annually. This is in the background of a rapidly ageing population in Singapore, increasing complexity of chronic conditions and rising expectations for acute care. There is an urgent need to understand the drivers of emergency care, develop strategies for better integration of pre-hospital, hospital and community care and evolve new emergency care pathways. 

PERC will be established through collaboration between Singhealth Duke-NUS Academic Medicine Centre, National Healthcare Group, National University Health System, the Unit for Prehospital Emergency Care of the Ministry of Health Singapore (“MOH”),  and the Ministry of Home Affairs’ (“MHA”) Singapore Civil Defence Force. It will converge experts, robust research techniques, and access to real-world data in an academic setting. These resources will be focused towards elevating Singapore’s pre-hospital emergency care (PEC) system for the betterment of the professionals in this field and the patients they serve. 

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