CARE’s education portfolio seeks to develop the competencies of the multifaceted ageing sector stakeholders and develop collaborations to deliver outcomes which address challenges of population ageing as well as harness its potentials.

Specifically, CARE’s education seeks to:

  1. Build competency and collaborations across ageing research, policy and practice. CARE organises multilevel initiatives to develop capability and spearhead collaborations across the ageing sector. The aim is to innovate and push further the knowledge boundaries of the sector and nurture partnerships and synergies across research, policy and practice
  2. Build the research capability of ageing and other researchers. CARE taps on its network of competencies to mount research related training
  3. Work with key training providers and enterprise developers to develop their competencies. CARE leverages on its specialist knowledge to work with key training providers to upscale needed training. These efforts include both curriculum development as well as evaluation for effectiveness and impact.


The multilevel platforms that CARE spearheads to drive its education mission include: